Seminarer og aktiviteter i Pride House under Stockholm Pride.
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12:00–12:45 Deferred - a storytelling photo exhibition
A photo exhibition and story about different situations of Exposure as gay
Exposure because of homosexuality does not have to be an offense, wicked death or major newspaper headlines, but can also be something that affects one's life.
With the exhibition "Deferred", James Åke has in pictured images illustrated situations from his everyday life. Such as he usually does not talk about but has happened to him because of his homosexuality and which portrays him as a human being.
James Åke says that he believes that through this exhibition he communicates not only his own experience, but also the experiences of others. With this exhibition he addresses questions and thoughts about victims, perpetrators and how their own self-image is affected.
Organizer: Svenska Pride

12:00–14:00 Campaign for trans!
​ RFSL Youth and Transgender Europe invites you to a workshop and discussion on how young people can work for young transgendered people’s rights. Suited for young transgendered people.​
Organizer: RFSL Ungdom & Transgender Europe

13:00–13:45 Transgender Healtcare
Discussion around Transgender health history and current
Organizer: HBT-Socialdemokrater Sverige

13:00–13:45 What about animals?
A fun lecture that answer the "but it's not natural" argument.
How does animals start families?
Organizer: Humanisternas HBTQ-nätverk

13:00–13:45 Sexual health, physical disability and practical intervention
How come sexual health for people with disabilities continues being a silent subject almost never acknowledged. A lecture that broadens the topic and the interventions that can be accomodated
Organizer: Bosse råd, stöd och kunskapscenter

14:00–14:45 Global Activism Beyond Boundaries
LGBTQ+/GSRM people from all around the world! Let's have a look at the boundaries which are keeping us trapped, and at what we can do about them.
LGBTQ+/GSRM* people from all around the world! Let's have a look at the boundaries which are keeping us trapped, and at what we can do about them.

This lecture will focus on three sets of boundaries:

1. Boundaries of nationality and citizenship
2. Boundaries of culture and subculture
3. Boundaries of gender, sexuality/sensuality and relationships

Most examples will be from Sweden and Indonesia, but also other countries. While briefly looking into each set of boundaries individually, focus will be on how they intersect and interact with each other. How they work - not only as constructs in our minds and cultures, but also as legal constructs codified into local and international laws.
Organizer: Xzenu Cronström Beskow

15:00–15:45 Tupo! VI finns, We exist photovoice
Tupo (Vifinns, We exist) narratives of transmen of colour in sweden
4 Trans men from Tunisia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia who are transitioning in exile share their diverse experiences regarding the situation of Transdiverse ( Transgender, Gender non Binary )persons in their home countries as well as for Transgender people of colour in Sweden.

A photo voice exhibition Tupo (Vi Finns, We exist!) documents captivating images of their lived realities.
Organizer: Queerstion Media

16:00–16:45 How Unions Can Fight Discrimination In The Workplace
How can unions prevent discrimination of lgbti-people at workplaces. Good examples and discussions
Organizer: HBT-Socialdemokrater Sverige/LGBTI-Socialdemocrats

17:00–17:45 How the British police work to make Transgender colleagues visible.
How the british Police works with transperson in the Police force
Bee Bailey Is an active member of the National Trans Police Association, Advising Locally and Nationally Police, Law Enforcement, Police Federation and Government Bodies on policy, procedures, best practices advancing better knowledge and understanding for trans and or non-binary, through one on one advice, informal, formal presentations throughout the UK. Supporting members in their very first steps in to the big world, be that simply holding a hand when needed or engaging employers for a positive and successful transition in the workplace.
Organizer: Polismyndigheten