Workshops und Aktivitäten für Besucher/innen des Stockholm Pride, die kein Schwedisch verstehen. Das komplette Programm findest du bei der schwedischen Version von QX GayMap

12:00–12:45 LGBTQIA+ in higher education
How are issues related to LGBTQAI+ integrated in professional training at higher education institutions in Sweden?
Karolinska Institutet will host a seminar/panel discussion on systematically integrating LGBTQAI+ perspectives in the curricula of higher education. This reflects an understanding that LGBTQAI+ related competencies are part of quality education.
The panel participants, made up of experts, university teachers as well as students, will discuss the following issues before opening up for questions from the audience:
• How are LGBTQAI+ issues currently taught and understood at universities?
• Is there a gap between what students expect and what the education actually delivers?
• What are plans to develop further integration of such issues?
• Are there any gaps in training of teaching staff?
Organizer: Karolinska institutet

12:00–16:00 ASYLFORUM: Juridisk rådgivning
Organizer: RFSL

15:00–15:45 The Struggle is real
RFSL Support Service interview invited guests about hate crimes and other challenges that face transgender people of people color in everyday life.
Organizer: RFSL

17:00–17:45 LGBTQ health and the influence of structural, interpersonal, and individual factors
Over the past ten years, the percentage of lesbians and gay men subjected to threats and violence has decreased and mental health in the group has improved. This has taken place in conjuntion with legislative improvements, such as the inclusion of sexual minorities in hate crime legislation, protection against discrimination in the workplace and gender-neutral marriage. From a research perspective, it is of interest to study this correlation more closely; in what way might social factors influence the large differences we see between the health of LGB individuals and heterosexuals? What do these mechanisms look like? Richard Bränström and Arjan Van Der Star, researchers in health psychology at Karolinska Institutet, talk about how a country’s laws and attitudes directly impact the health of its citizens.
Organizer: Karolinska institutet