Office open at Kifak

Kifak is Sabaah’s own cultural venue. Kifak is placed in Kødbyen, close to Halmtorvet in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district. The address is Staldgade 8, 1713 København V.

The goal behind Kifak is to create a social and cultural forum for minority groups in the Copenhagen LGBTQ community: ethnic minorities, transsexuals, queers etc. Kifak will contribute with a wide variety of social and cultural events: music, dancing, debates, lectures, concerts, workshops, seminars, parties, exhibitions, performances and other activities that contribute to create a unique culture for Copenhagen’s underground LGBTQ scene.

Kifak is a non-commercial venue, so everyone with an non-profit idea or project with the goal of supporting Copenhagen’s underground LGBTQ scene can send in an application to borrow Kifak for their event.