Fi Taharrok: Jouzourona wa Mostaqbalona
In Movement: Our Roots, Our Futures

Friday 11th of June
5 pm Exhibition: The SWANA Visibility Project, Ymayyah Cable (US)

6.30 pm Creativity in movement: A conversation about art and activism
Nicole Barakat and DJ Gemma (Sydney), Jaheda Choudhury and Lucidity
Arhin-Acquaah (Manchester), Athena Farrokhzad (Stockholm), Amahl
Khouri (Jordan). Moderator: Ulrika Dahl (Stockholm)

8.00 pm DJ Gemma

8.30 pm Performances: Spoken word
Jaheda Choudhury (UK)
Nicole Barakat (AU)
Amahl Khouri (JOR)
Athena Farrokhzad
Naima Chahboun (SWE)

9.30 pm Live: Abjeez (IRN/SWE)

10.30 pm DJ Gemma

Saturday 12th of June
5 pm Seminar: Introduction to a queer feminist arab contemporary community Nicole Barakat and DJ Gemma

7pm DJ Gemma

8.30pm Live: Ajah (UK)

9pm Performance: Wife (AU)

9.30pm Live: Tru Bloo (US)

10.30pm Bellydance performance: Hezy Ya Naoam Group

11pm Party with DJ Gemma

01am Closing