Welcome to Skånes Dansteater. In Hemma hos/Our House the audience can experience dance in various corners of the building with different site-specific choreographies by Ben Wright and a duet by Marie Brolin-Tani. The program ends in the theatre with Kenneth Kvarnström’s contemporary classic piece no-no.

The British choreographer Ben Wright has a large number of choreographies behind him both for contemporary dance, dramatic theater and opera. Here he uses the premises fully and the audience will be guided around the building. Marie Brolin-Tani, the former artistic director of Skånes Dansteater and the driving force behind Unga Danskompaniet, presents a duet for two of Skånes Dansteater’s senior dancers.

Kenneth Kvarnström is a dancer who became a choreographer, who became artistic director of the House of Dance in Stockholm and now of the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company. When he resumed his work as a choreographer, he has recreated his celebrated choreography no-no, originally created in 1996 for the Helsinki City Theatre Dance Company. The piece is counted as a contemporary classic within modern dance. With musical inspiration from northern Africa and the Middle East, Kenneth also weaves in memories of his childhood in Finland.