Hiro is New York’s long running weekly gay club night on Sundays.

The place is always packed and jumping with a mixed crowd converging from all across town to the swanky ballroom of the Maritime Hotel for a night of pumping electro beats and debauchery.

The venue is nothing short of spectacular, with its tasteful, Japanese-inspired décor of lacquered wood panels and flickering lanterns.

The crowd is an incredible mix of colorful club-kids and fabulous scenesters, celebrities and Chelsea boys, tasty twinks and fag-hags.

Although the party takes place on a school night, the place doesn’t get busy until midnight, attracting a fair share of youngsters who can afford to skip class on Monday. Cover is only $10 and includes a drink.

A rotating squad of luscious go-go dancers entertains the masses all through the night. These boys give their all, their bodies pulsating in mesmerizing dances, gyrating with a relentless energy to the innovative mixes of resident DJ Miss Honey Dijon. The music is a tasteful and edgy blend of house, electro and a hint of tribal which keeps the place jumping until the wee hours of Monday morning.

The VIP area is always quite a scene, as Amanda Lepore and her entourage schmooze and pose with fellow socialites and celebrities.

On the floor, some serious dancing is going-on, and the ambiance is always very flirtatious. It is known in New York for being on of the best gay pick-up spots in town, and whatever you may be looking for, you’ll most likely find it there.