Starting field: Vasaparken, 13:00
Ending field: Stadsträdgården, ca. 14:30

Everyone is welcome as a private person

The purpose of this parade is to demonstrate that the people of Uppsala value our diversity and welcome transgender, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer and intersex people to full, open and equal participation in our society.

How it works:
Walking in the parade is free, and does not require registering.
Everyone in the parade will be walking – bicycles etc. must be led, but it’s okay to bring prams and wheelchairs.
It is not permitted to march with visible group affiliations.
Flags, banners and matching t-shirts are not permitted.
This includes:
Anything advertising a political party, association or company, matching uniforms, national or religious flags or banners.
The following exceptions are permitted:
Flags, signs and t-shirts regarding gender identity, sexuality and sexual orientation; official WeclomeOUT banner and t-shirts, “Marching for One Who Can’t” t-shirts and signs; traditional/cultural clothing of ethnic, national or religious identities.
You can join the parade at any time during its route through the city.