Welcome to EURO PRIDE in Stockholm and BUTCHERS CHURCH!

In the midst of the Pride celebrations in Stockholm we're pulling off a house party for the danceaholichs of Venice of the North.

From one of the biggest London DJ groups: TO BE ANNOUNCED August 1st!!
This treat will definitely raise the roof!!

Birmingham based super DJ SHARON O LOVE is delighting us with her music. Uplifting hi-energy, inspiring progressive house with a hint of tribal.

Introducing Swedens newest House Diva: SHIRLEY CLAMP!! Known from the Schalger scene, we're rebranding her and bringing her to the world of House Music!

In a mixed genre outdoors dance floor DJ DR BEAT (aka David Amberton) (Radikal & gay vip-room Wonderbar) is back in the DJ booth. Gay, sleaze and trash in a dystopian decadence dance-off.
With his disco inferno mania.: DJ CHRISTER BROMAN! A spectacle for your party senses..

DJ duo STAFFAN LINDBERG (Polari, Dolly) & PJOTR (Polari, Red Curls) are back! This tech-house loving pair is playing together again and will wow us with their symbiosis of delightful house music!

Unique Club Collaboration:
Very dirty and crazy Acid Disco Koxбox hosts “club in the club” at Fristaden venue. With two headliners from Berlin, one of them who is known for his residency at gay techno club Herrensauna and Georgian Revolutionary club Bassiani, and another one is already called a new tech-house queen, we will make sure you dance as your ass is in fire. Clubs own residents will frame it all in a proper disco mode.

KOXБOX also is for freedom both musically and sexually, so be ready for different experiments inside. For the safety of the visitors, this club will have own door policy according to the following code of conduct: https://www.fomoclub.se/code-of-conduct/

Come Love Dance, and commit to your sins!

Happy Pride from
Peter & Erik

In collaboration with D Productions