Welcome to the Schlagerbar at Clarion Post during Pride 2018

Wednesday 15/8:
This is the night when Mingelmartin and his crew introduce the schlagerbar during Europride. We will go all in schlager and the evening's most fabulous schlageroutfit will win. Here you will get the chance to know better about all the fun happenings during the week, and have a fantastic opening night together. Be here, be queer!

Thursday 16/8:
Here we celebrate the amazing Swedish schlager and play everything from classic songs to new hits. During the evening, everyone will be able to sing a long in what we in Sweden call "allsång".

Friday 17/8:
This is the night when all focus is on Eurovision and the international hits of schlager. Before we start to fly on the wings of love and dance together to music from all over Europe we will start the evening with a music quiz deluxe. We love Europe!

It's gonna be fab!