ФОМО is back to celebrate the darkest period of the year and invite the most mysterious artist, Headless Horseman, who has been riding the musical path for roughly 20 years now.
His live is always different and music is always uncompromising.

Another headliner is SPFDJ who has recently at much-loved Berlin queer party Herrensauna joined as a resident. Expect a a blend of hard techno, EBM and acid, fast and furious.

We also would like to add Alvar. It is not only a plain soilless ecosystem in Northern Sweden, but also an industrial band, that plays body music inspired bydeserted places, forgotten houses and old legends from Öland. They come with a special set for ФОМО audience.
Support by our local resident, Lana del Rave.

15-20 min by the public transport from the Central Station , exact address will be disclosed by mail on Friday evening.


Headless Horseman (47)
SPFDJ (Herrensauna)
Lana del Rave
Alvar LIVE


presale - 180 sek
ordinary - 230 sek
last minute - 300 sek